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Frequently Asked Questions

Buyers Guide

I Would Like To Find Out More Information About A Product, What Do You Suggest?

In the event that you cannot find the relevant technical information on our site then we advise you to visit the manufacturers site to obtain more detailed information.

For any other queries, please leave us a message on our live chat or email

How Secure Is Purchasing From Tecala Website?

Being a tech company, we take security very seriously, this also includes making sure our customer data is safe and secure.


Can I Order By Telephone?

No, you must place an order independently through our website. Since you have to accept our terms and conditions during the ordering process, for example, we can not complete the order for you.

However, if you have any difficulties with the ordering process, we will be happy to assist you via live chat or email us at

Can I Collect My Order?

Unfortunately not. We don't have the facilities in place to accomodate customer collections currently.

Order Cancellations

Please get iin contact via our live chat or by emailing at the earliest opportunity, and we will confirm with you whether arrangements can be made. Normally, once goods have entered the shipping process, order cancellations are not possible. The order would need to be delivered and then for you to arrange a return.


Is It Possible To Trial Sophos Products Before Purchasing?

You certainly can.

Sophos’s software products can all be tested free of charge for 30 days.  

Sophos Central

Create your own account right away and use the full scope with all features for free for 30 days:

Click Here to start your free trial of Sophos Central

What Types Of Licenses Do I Have To Choose From When Purchasing?

If you want to buy a license from our store, you have to choose the type of license first. A distinction is made between initial and renewal. In this article you will learn how these 2 options differ and which license type you have to choose for your purchase.

Initial purchase

The “initial” is the default selection and is pre-selected with each license. Leave it at this selection if you buy a license for the first time.

Example: You need a Network Protection license for your Sophos XGS 126 firewall. If you have not previously purchased a Network Protection license, which may have expired, this is a classic “first time” purchase.


The “Renew” option assumes that you have purchased the license before, but the term has now expired. Choose this license type only if you really already have an existing license ID. However, according to the “Sophos Renewal Policy”, the existing license must not have expired for more than 1 year. If you wait more than a year to renew your license, you will have to select the “Initial” option again when purchasing.

Info: You can also renew a license with us without having purchased it from us before. We simply need your license ID, which you can leave in the comment field when ordering.



When Do I Get My Licenses?

When you order one or more Sophos licenses from our store, they are usually delivered to you by email in the form of a PDF within 3-5 business days. However, the process is unfortunately not always the same, which is why we explain this in a little more detail here.

Let’s get this straight: it’s quite normal with Sophos that you get your hands on the hardware before the license in most cases. However, this is not tragic, since a 30-day trial license can be activated with every new hardware. So you can start installing the firewall right away and install your license on the box later.

Longer waiting times

As said, the normal average is 3-5 business days until you get the license. However, at the end of the quarter, it may take 5-7 days. In rare cases it happens that a license needs 5 days or more. With such a long waiting time, we also ask Sophos where the license is.

Important: Renewals should therefore always be ordered early so that the license does not expire and network services or endpoint services no longer function.

Special case for XGS/XG firewall licenses

When purchasing a SFOS license (XGS/XG Firewall) for the first time, either individually or in a bundle, the license can be synchronized in the web interface of the firewall. In contrast to the UTM, a license file with a key is theoretically not required here. We write “theoretically” here, because there have been cases in the past where the automatic synchronization of the license did not work and the license key had to be entered manually afterwards.

In the case of renewal licenses, we have found that the key practically always has to be entered manually in the web interface.


How do I open a support ticket at Sophos?

At this point we refer you to the detailed instructions regarding opening a support ticket at Sophos: How do I open a support ticket at Sophos?